Corporate Wellness Days at the Office - Services by Victoria of Victoria's Holistic Day Spa


Is for businesses that want to promote
wellness for management and staff.

What Can Be Done About
Stress and illness in the workplace?

Did you know that stress was found to affect almost 60% of the working population.
On a third of the working population, stress has a negative effect on their health.

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The Effects of Stress:

Substantially reduced efficiency and accuracy of work produced
Reduced performance in physical tasks
Negative effect on abstract planning, decision-making and creativity
Tiredness and irritability
Weakening of the immune system and the development of physical illness

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The Cost of Stress to Your Organization, Signs to Watch For:

High Staff Turnover
Increase in Sickness/Absence
Reduced Work Performance
Poor Organization/Timekeeping
More Customer Complaints

What can be done?

Boosting the health and wellness of your employees can make a huge improvement to their morale and motivation. This can have a direct impact on the quality of service they provide to your customers.

Benefits to Employees:

Enhanced concentration, efficiency
and accuracy.
Ability to cope more effectively
under pressure.
Greater resistance to infections and illness.
Faster recovery from illness.
Improved quality of life.

Medical Benefits:

Alleviate headaches and migraines.
Relieves mental fatigue.
Alleviates insomnia.
Increases mental alertness and clarity.
Helps promote hair growth.
Improved over all health and wellness.

Benefits to the Company:

Reduced sick leave.
Improved attendance.
More motivated workforce.
Increased productivity and effectiveness.
Happier and more relaxed working environment.
Improved staff moral and loyalty.
Demonstrates commitment to the welfare of employees.


By investing in our ‘Indian Head Massage At The Office’, both your company and your employees will experience benefits that will far outweigh the time required for relief of tension at such a small cost involved.`


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